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    With the cooler air chilling your bones, it is the perfect time to update your autumn/winter wardrobe. An Abercrombie Fitch Jacket might be a great place to start. A&F are known for their all American lifestyle inspired collections giving you a casual look with the feel of luxury.
    Their jacket collection is varied and effortlessly cool and stylish. You can purchase the jackets online, and it is best to order straight through their own website, to ensure you are getting the genuine article. More and more cheap copies are www.alasto.com being produced that are not crafted as well as originals. You could end up paying full breitling chronomat price for a fraudulent copy.
    Vintage Abercrombie designs take on a hoody feel, the lining is padded to keep you warm. These are more suited for leisure, and college, keeping a casual and relaxed look. As you should come to expect from all designer brands, the stitching is reinforced, and the designer brand is clear to view. One of the great features of most of the jackets in the new collection is the slightly worn and distressed look. There are many inspirations taken from there Ivy League traditions, keeping true to the A&F brand.
    There are also very modern designs, with a more military feel. These also come in Khakis, Navy and Dark Olive tones, very on trend for this season. The high collar with the zipped and button closure make these jackets great for protecting you from the elements.
    The more expensive lines will offer you better protection from the winter weather. They use faux fur and faux Sherpa so animal rights have been taken into consideration. Most jackets will have storm cuffs, keeping you warm as the wind blows. There are loads of button down pockets to keep your wallet, iPod, and mobile safe and secure.
    Fit is important, and you can choose between Classic and Muscle fit to suit your requirements. Most designs have a choice of colors, with muted tones being most commonly used. There are various fabrics used across the line. From gorgeous soft leather, sueded cotton to wool and nylon mixes used in the plaid coats.
    If you want to add casual sexiness into your wardrobe, consider an Abercrombie Fitch Jacket. Prices are reasonable considering you are paying for a well-known designer name. Expect prices to start just below one hundred dollars, and up to five hundred dollars.

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