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    December 27, 2012 Hench 0

    If the watch claims to be a Rolex “Daytona” model, and the second hand is constantly running, cheap omega watches the watch is a fake. One of the sub dials, depending on when the watch was made runs all the time on a real “Daytona”, not the “sweeping” second hand.

    Look at the back. Only Rolex demo models have clear backs. All others are fakes. Also very few Rolex models have any engraving on the back.

    Shake the watch from side replica omega to side. Almost every Rolex model has a weight inside called a pendulum. The pendulum spins as your wrist moves. If you can hear the pendulum scraping the watch is most defiantly a fake.

    A gold Rolex is solid all the way. If any of the gold is worn showing another metal under it, then the watch is a fake.

    If a magnet reacts to the band the watch is a fake, or at least the band is.

    If you can remove the band, look between the lugs. A real Rolex has the model, and serial numbers placed there. Some fakes also do, but if it is not there, then the watch is most definably a fake.

    If the person showing you the watch just bought it, ask him the model number, and year the watch was made. Any recent Rolex owner will know that. If the watch was bought off a fake Rolex site he or she will know nothing about model numbers.

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